The Top Natural Hairstyles for African American Women

The Top Natural Hairstyles for African American Women: Switch it Up!

I’m back at it again! Challenging myself to take on new natural hairstyles for African American women.  I’ve embarked on this journey because there are times when I simply want to do more with my kinky curly locks.  Too often we limit ourselves to a style that us natural hair sisters feel comfortable with.  In my case, I often stick to styles that I know will be low maintenance.  Whatever the reason, there’s nothing to lose when it comes to switching up the ‘ol style.  There are some hairstyles for African American women that I truly admire, and once I receive the patience to style my natural hair like how the following ladies have done, I will definitely be trying these styles out.

Natural Hairstyles for African American Women, Or Just Curly Beauties in General

Top Natural Hairstyles for Women #1: Roman Braids. 

I call these Roman Braids because they remind me of ancient Roman women.  I once visited the Detroit Institute of Arts where there were displays of old pottery with women painted on them.  This was often the hairstyle of choice.  That is what I love so much about curly, kinky tresses.  The selection of natural hairstyles is endless.

Top Natural Hairstyles for Women #2: Bob Marley Twists 

Natural Hairstyles for African American Women
Ok, so they are not called Bob Marley twists.  Call it a little Jamaican coming out.  I’ve been wanting to try this style for quite a while.  I love the thickness of the twists.  Not to mention that Bob Marley twists are a great protective hairstyle for women if maintained and taken care of correctly.  That means, not leaving them in too long and ensuring that natural hair is fully moisturized.

Top Natural Hairstyles for Women #3: The High Society Braided Bun

Natural Hairstyles to Switch Up
I’ve half way tried this one.  But I’ve always admired this natural hairstyle because of its versatility.  It can be couple with dressing up, but it’s also not too dressy to where I cannot sport this style at work. Definitely classy and sleek.  Now, just to get passed the fact that a blowout is necessary to achieve this style. I may try to take a short cut and opt to stretch my hair, rather than blow it out. 

Top Natural Hairstyles for Women #4: Faux Bangs

Natural Hairstyles for African American Women
Anything that’s reminiscent of the 50s era catches my attention.  I believe we’re in an era where any natural hairstyle can be pulled off, including blasts from the past.  With the scarf, this style is very 50-ish, however, I’m also really digging the faux bangs here.  Assuming this style starts with a twist out, it’s definitely seems like a great way to turn an old twist out, into a natural hairstyle that’s amazing.
There are pluses when it comes to having kinky, curly hair.  The style options are limitless, especially since natural curly hair types have the luxury of versatile hair.  Add a bit of flair to your workweek natural hairstyles, and have fun with it.
What are some top natural hairstyles for women that are both unique and versatile?


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  3. I thought it was nice as well. It also seems fairly easy to do.. but it is very doable for a natural!

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