The Top 5 Arguments that are OUT THERE About the Denman Brush

You know you’ve gotten that feeling when you were first introduced to the Denman Brush.  Those white bristles; the several rows of Denman brush teeth.  It’s quite a terrifying site when natural hair care sisters think about it.  I know for certain that my initial thought was that my poor ends would be screaming at the sight of a Denman brush.  Snagged ends would spell death for many African American hairstyles.   So, I decided to research the renowned Denman brush.  And while I was hoping my hair sisters would have a clear view on how it’s used, I must say the opinions out there have made the selection of a Denman brush a little more challenging.  Denman brushes do this….don’t buy a Denman brush because it’ll rip out your hair….use a Denman brush for awesome detangling!  There are a lot of views floating out there. Here are the tip top 5 arguments I find out there surrounding the Denman brush. 

Too Much Controversy Among My Natural Hair Sisters and The Denman Brush

Denman Brush Argument #1: The Denman Brush Can’t Be Used for Detangling: This is probably the one I’ve come across very often.  Natural hair sisters telling all about how the Denman Brush shouldn’t be used for detangling, unless you want a wad of hair criss-crossing it’s strands into your brush.  The Denman Brush is to be used for defining curls after the hair has already been detangled. 
I recently watched a Youtube video on using the Denman Brush.  And I couldn’t help but notice the countless amounts of comments made by natural hair sisters.  It appeared that they were all collectively screaming at the sound of what could’ve been ripping hair. 
Natural Hair Sisters, Denman Brush
Denman Brush Argument #2: The Only Way to Use a Denman Brush Without Damage is To “Modify It” We’ve all seen it.  Naturalistas modifying their Denman Brush to prevent damage and breakage.  This leaves a question in my mind: Then why not just use a wide toothed comb?
Denman Brush Argument #3: You have to Use an Expensive Denman Brush in Order to Get Maximum Results. Maybe I will pay for this later, but I’m really not into buying expensive hair products, but, this one seems to make a little more sense.  Expensive equals sturdy. And if you have rather thick hair on your head, a large and sturdy Denman Brush would be worth the cash.  I too often break a lot of my cheap combs (Natural sisters you know what I’m talking about).   
Denman Brush Argument #4: The Denman Brush Rids You of Your Shedding Hair and Creates Luminous Shine.  Considering what we all know about brushes.  I think this is the most obvious argument surrounding the Denman Brush.  A great brush in any style distributes the oils from your scalp (or thatyou apply) evenly over your hair, creating a more healthier, shinier look.
Modified Denman Brush
Denman Brush Argument #5: The Denman Brush is Only for Natural Hair Types. For the most part, I’d say this argument is right.  It is for Natural Hair Types. But the position that I found on Natural Black Hair forums was that the term Natural Hair Type only applies to curly haired black women.  But I couldn’t disagree more.  The term Natural Hair Type applies to all women.  And if you want to get specific, you could say all women who have hair that grow out of their head (No offense to my weave wearing sisters).  I was actually surprised to find that the Denman Brush has a variety of uses on all hair types.

Weighing in on the Denman Brush

Whether you are for it or against it, the Denman Brush seems to be both a useful detangling and styling tool.  I think that with any hair tool, careful use has to be employed, which is why after viewing Evelyn from The Internet’s hair tutorial vs Naptural85’s, I’ve decided that if you take great care to be gentle, it’ll work just fine. But as always, the best way to find out is to test it out for yourself.
Natural sisters, what is your detangling and styling routine? Is the Denman Brush something you’ve used?  How well do you think the Denman Brush suits your hair? Help me out here!