Biggest Hair Care Myths for Natural Hair Types

We’ve all done it; heeding the advice of the friend or parent, whom think they know what’s best for your natural hair.   Through the constant passing on of information can be beneficial, I thought it important to put to death natural hair myths and legends.  We are not here to trash anyone, but it appears that our parents and friends (Depending on where they grew up) are usually spoon feeding us natural hair care sisters hair care tips and tricks that are “beneficial”.  Natural hair types need not worry, however, because it is time to separate fact from fiction when it comes to our locks.  Let’s face it, there is a lot of information out there concerning how we should care for our hair.  But have you ever though that all of it may not be true for certain natural hair types?

The Biggest Myths of Natural Hair Care History

Hair Care Myths For Natural Hair Types #1: Frequent Trims Help Your Hair Grow.  If you’ve been following this blog you may have picked up on the fact that I hate….no…..loathe trimming my hair.  Call it habit.  When I was in high school I never trimmed my hair, and it remained just as long.  As I’ve grown older, I do see the importance of trimming, but for natural hair types, I’d say a healthy number is about once every 6 months…maybe. It has long been discovered that trimming the ends of your hair do not guarantee hair growth.  In fact, there is very little evidence that trimming the ends of your hair, effect the follicles in your scalp.  Those follicles determine your hair growth rate, not the amount of times you take scissors and hack off your ends.  Once, I took the advice of a friend in college who was straightening my hair.  She kept telling me how much I needed to trim my ends, and that I should be doing it every few weeks.  I took this advice, and lo and behold my hair was getting shorter! Because of how often I trimmed, I just ended up cutting into my length!  So not natural hair sisters, you do not need to trim often.
Hair Care Myths for Natural Hair Types #2: Brush 100 Strokes a Day.  Now, I really want to have a conversation with the person who came up with this one.  I see where they were going (distribution of natural oils) however, this isn’t necessarily true. Brushing causes way too much friction on the hair leading to cuticle damage AND a lot of breakage.  No brushes please.Hair Care Myths for Natural Hair Types
Hair Care Myths for Natural Hair Types #3: A Cold Water Rinse Promotes Shine.  Not only does this myth sound uncomfortable, it doesn’t make sense.  From what science knows about hair, we discover that hair contains no living cells.  This means that it can neither react to cold or hot conditions (Aside from burning).  The trick to shinier hair is incorporating oils and moisturizing humectants into your healthy hair regimen.
We’ve been given so many pieces of advice when it comes to our natural hair.  It may be overwhelming to sift through the noise, but with a little help from the bookworm syndrome, we can discover advice that is tailor made to each natural hair type.
What are some hair care myths you’ve debunked?  Hair sisters, let us know what works well for your natural hair type.